Prime Cut 48 CNC

Prime cut48 is the flagship CNC machine of E-laser with a machining area of 1220x2440mm.

It has excellent durability based on bed heat treatment process and precision machining process through direct design of our company, and also metal material such as aluminum can be precisely / continuously processed.
It is possible to select the suitable spindle according to the material to be processed and to use the efficient working space by applying the gantry structure. It adopts high performance servo motor as standard and maximizes work stability and efficiency by installing Korean control program.

In order to provide user convenience, we provide various types of machined JIG based on years of experience and promise stable technical support after installation of equipment until the first production.

All of our products can be customized according to your needs and work environment.

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  • Machining area1220x2440x200mm(z)
  • Table typevVacuum table
  • Operating voltageAC 380V 60Hz three phase
  • Maximum number of revolutions

    ~ 50000rpm

  • Spindle capacity3kW ~ 12kW
  • Drive typeDirect high frequency spindle
  • ColletER16
  • Transport speedMax 12m/min
  • Transport DeviceBall Screw, LM Guide
  • Repeatability0.005mm
  • Accuracy of movement0.01mm
  • ControllerController made by Korea


  • High rigidity frame structure

    High rigidity frame structure enhances
    equipment stability

  • Gentry type structure

    Gentry type structure for convenient working

  • T-slot bed applicationConvenient and variety clamping environment
  • High precision ball screw application

    High precision ball screw is used for more accurate
    machining quality

  • High output spindle

    High frequency inverter enables high speed
    rotation of tens of thousands of RPM

  • Automatic tool height sensor

    Automatically measures the height between the
    material and the tool after mounting the end mill

  • Applying controller made in Korea

    Various controls such as absolute origin, block skip,
    precedent control

  • One year warrantyOur standard warranty period.
  • Customizable

    Customized development of various jigs and
    special spindle applications


Features of equipment

  • High strength gantry structure

    By adopting a high strength gantry structure, stability and convenience of operation are added.

  • High precision servo motor application

    Precision machining is possible by using high-quality precision motors

  • High precision ball screw application

    Use a high precision ball screw.
    Precision machined ball screws minimize misalignment and minimize overload displacement errors.

  • Domestic controller applied

    By applying the CNC multi-axis controller of Korea, stability of control and localized software are added to the convenience of work.


  • Variable spindle applicable

    You can select spindles that match the characteristics of the job by torque, RPM, and output.

  • T-slot or Vacuum bed selection

    T-slot bed is used as standard and vacuum clamping bed can be selected as an option.

  • Control system selectable

    As a standard, Korean-made controller is applied and high-performance controller such as Siemens, FANUC can be applied according to customer's demand.
    Also available for general purpose NC studio.

  • Custom production possible (special function)

    To fulfill the functions required by the customer for special purposes such as Machine Vision Device configuration is possible.

Material processing samples

  • Stone

  • Plastic

  • Metal

  • Wood and Natural Materials