EL-9060LKM Fiber

As the number of high-power fiber lasers for metal processing increases, demand for small-sized equipment is increasing at universities, graduate schools, and corporate laboratories.

E-laser has introduced fiber laser equipment for metal processing with high output fiber laser.
In order to meet the demand of precision machining companies manufacturing universities, laboratories, laboratories or small metal workpieces, it is possible to apply precision machining by applying linear motor system or Rack & pinion + servo motor system.In addition, Safety full cover is applied in consideration of safety, and various safety elements such as special coated glass are included.

We applied fiber optic technology for metal processing and applied laser gas regulator that can control up to 30 bar for fast switching of cutting gas and accurate pressure control.
Laser oscillator can be applied from 300W to 3KW depending on the working purpose.

All of our products can be customized according to your needs and work environment.

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  • Machining area900 x 600mm
  • Maximum speed120m/min
  • Maximum cutting speed60000mm/min
  • Position accuracy±0.1mm/3,000mm
  • Repeatability±0.03mm
  • CAM programcypcut(default), Lantek, actcut (option)
  • Data input methodUSB interface direct connection, USB memory
  • Supported computer
    Operating system

    Windows 7 or later Windows10

  • Laser1064nm, Fiber Laser
  • Drive systemRack&pinion+servo motor system(default)
  • Power supply3 phase 380V 60Hz

Cutting Capacity (mm,max)

Laser output Mild steel Stainless Aluminium Brass
700W 7.4 3 2 2
1KW 12 6 6 5
2KW 19.3 8 8.5 7
3KW 20 11.3 12 10.5
4KW 25 16 16 12


Features of equipment

  • High rigidity frame

    High rigidity frame application To Minimize vibration by applying high rigidity main frame. After a heat treatment process of more than 3000 degrees to Minimized distortion.

  • Safety full cover

    Due to the nature of the fiber laser, there are risk of injury or fire to the worker or sparking fire due to reflection of laser light when processing metal. In order to prevent this, we have applied Full Cover to cover the whole equipment.

  • Highly reflective non-ferrous metal processing possible

    The patented fiber laser technology cuts off the reflected light from the metal, so it can safely process the high-reflection metal that could not be processed by conventional fiber laser such as copper, aluminum, gold, silver and brass without damaging the laser.

  • Application of Laser Gas Regulator

    It is possible to adjust the cutting gas pressure precisely by applying the special gas regulator and it is possible to control the pressure of oxygen, nitrogen, compressed air up to 30bar.


  • Selectable Linear Motor System

    By default, servo + Rack & pinion system is applied. Optional Linear Motor system is available.
    The linear system can simplify the structure of the mechanism and enable more precise machining.

  • Variety of lasers available

    You can apply various lasers according to work purpose, material characteristics, laser output, manufacturer, according to your desired configuration.

  • Dedicated controller and program selectable

    You can choose various controllers and operating programs according to customer's needs. All operating programs are made with Korean and easy to use.

  • Dedicated Selectable Fiber laser Head

    Suitable laser head can be applied according to working purpose, material characteristics and laser output.
    Dedicated laser head is an important part, so we will decide through consultation.

Material processing samples

  • Metal

  • Non-Metal