EL-MKF Series Fiber Laser

With the increasing demand for laser marking, we are constantly evolving to meet the needs of our customers. The equipment using fiber laser is precisely marking by applying high-precision scanner, and it is composed of convenient device for various work such as auto focus guide beam, smokestack and jig table.

Elaser has accumulated vast amounts of data through many years of experience and experimentation, so that we can derive the machining quality that meets the customer's needs in any material response of the customer.

The laser oscillator can be selected from 10W to 100W of fiber laser depending on the working purpose, and the laser with the special pulse device is also selectable.

All of our products can be customized according to your needs and work environment.

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  • Machining area70 X 70 mm ~ 180 X 180mm (default)
  • Laser typeFiber Laser CW or Mopa type
  • Laser wavelength1064~1070nm
  • Laser output10W ~ 100W (default)
  • Repeatability< 2um
  • Cooling Method Air Cooling (Default)
  • Supported computer Operating system

    Windows XP or later Windows10

  • CAM programmarking mate or EZCAD (default)
  • Max marking speed2500mm/s (default)
  • Input voltage AC 220V Single phase 50 ~ 60Hz
  • Power Consumption600W ~ 2KW


  • Ease of movement of equipment

    Light and small, easy to move

  • Precision Scanner Application

    Excellent quality due to high quality scanner

  • Multi-purpose table

    Various jig can be installed,
    making it convenient for work

  • Multi language

    Support for multiple languages ​​such as English,
    apanese, German, Chinese

  • Convenient Focus alignmentQuick and easy focus alignment with focus beam
  • Using various lasers

    Structural design that can use various kinds of
    laser source

  • Customization possible

    Equipment modification according to user's
    demand (automation equipment)

  • One year warrantyOur standard warranty period.
  • Operational Know-how training

    Professional training tailored to your needs


Features of equipment

  • Ease of equipment movement

    It is compact and lightweight, with wheels at the bottom of the equipment, making it easy to move and easy to install.

  • Application of multi-purpose Jig Table

    If you need a jig depending on the workpiece, we provide aluminum work table for easy mounting and processing.

  • High precision scanner application

    Using a precision galvanometer-applied scanner, it achieves fast and accurate quality.
    The know-how of using various kinds of scanner lens makes it possible to respond perfectly to each material.

  • Convenient software application

    It supports both vector and bitmap files and supports most image files.
    We have put various functions in easy to use and provide instruction manuals and training.
    Supports up to windows 10.


  • Various customizing possible

    It can be customized to meet your needs with various marking machine characteristics.
    Special production jig and special laser applicable.

  • Variety of lasers available

    Various lasers based on fiber laser can be applied.
    Mopa type, UV, Green etc. can be selected and applied.

  • Machine Vision applicable

    The most basic positioning and alignment functions as well as various machine vision functions can be realized by combining laser control technology.

  • Automated design possible

    It can be designed to be applied to various automation lines by combination of laser and scanner.

Material processing samples

  • Metal

  • Wood and Natural Materials

  • Plastic

  • metal marking