• What can I do with laser or CNC equipment?

    First, we show you what you can do with equipment (machine).
    There are two types of processing methods: engraving and cutting.
    This is determined by the balance between laser output, head travel speed or spindle speed, and machining output.
    You can apply engraving and cutting technology to various materials.

  • How do I choose the equipment model and specification?

    The model is selected based on the type of laser, the type of head, the size of the machining area, and the laser power.
    The CNC selects the model based on the machining area of ​​the spindle.
    We can also make custom orders for special machining operations.

  • What do peripheral devices need?

    In addition to the main body, the laser processing machine has various necessary peripherals
    such as air assist compressor, dust collector, output software, PC, cooler.

  • How much does it cost to maintain the equipment?

    Consumables that require replacement include laser tubes, reflectors, and focus lenses.
    Only one trained workforce is sufficient for equipment operation.
    In addition, most of the equipment is optimized for 220V and the power consumption is lower than other equipments.

  • How do I pay for the equipment?

    Payment methods include cash payment, lease or installment (using specialized financial institutions).

  • What are the environmental factors that must be ensured
    when installing equipment?

    It is necessary to secure the installation environment in advance in order to start the work
    such as laser processing immediately after the introduction of the equipment.
    Our salesperson will visit before installation and explain in detail.

  • What about post management regulations?

    Free A / S for machinery/ machine is based on 1 year after installation.
    However, the laser tube conforms to the manufacturer's regulations, and regulations for consumables
    such as reflectors and lenses are provided separately.
    Our company has a professional after-sales service staff to respond within 3 days of the request.
    We have established a post-service system for customer satisfaction.

  • I would like to see the actual equipment and buy it after testing.
    How do I do?

    If you visit our head office (you need to make an advance reservation), you can test at any time.
    Mass production equipments are always ready, so please feel free to visit us at any time,
    For special equipment, we provide sample test by consultation with sales staff.
    We welcome your visit anytime!