Metal marking & cutting

Most known metals can be laser marked or cut.
It is more precise than metal machining in other ways, and can mark and cut workpieces of complex structure neatly.
Even CNC equipment can process mild metal such as aluminum by using cutting oil.

Type of metal

Iron, copper, nickel, solder, stainless steel, titanium, tungsten, aluminum, anodizing aluminum, carbide, coated metal, etc.

Metal Marking

Logo, bar code, QR code and various artwork can be permanently marked on various metals without damaging the material.
Depending on the metal material, you can also mark the desired color.
Our equipment: EL-MK serise (Fiber laser), CNC equipment

Metal cutting

CO2 lasers and fiber lasers can be used to cut metal materials most commonly used in the industrial field.
A thickness of less than 1 mm is possible with CO2 lasers, and more than that with fiber lasers.
Our equipment: EL-1390 se (CO2 laser), EL-1325 LK (Fiber laser), EL-3015 LK (Fiber laser), CNC

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